Environmental Management

SPLASH Environment Objectives

To achieve long-term environmentally sustainable development by:
  • minimising significant/adverse environmental impacts during implementation of construction activities and
  • adopting a pro-active approach to minimise potential occurrence of accidents/incidents and/or pollution at the SSP3 site during and after construction.
  • The detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for SSP3 was approved by the Department of Environment in June 1999. As an integral part of the EIA, SPLASH has incorporated a comprehensive environmental management program based on its six-monthly updated Environmental Management Plan (EMP). Fostering holistic approach to environmental management, SPLASH's offers a structural and systematic method to incorporate environmental care in all aspects of its construction activities.

    An environmental team, working together with a qualified Environmental Management Consultant was set up by SPLASH to control and monitor the construction activities or where control is difficult, to minimise or mitigate such effects with the final objectives of meeting the requirement of the Department of Environment. SPLASH stresses on an efficient implementation of EMP as it is crucial in minimising environmental damage and liabilities at the project site.

    For continuous environmental performance improvement at site in order to achieve a long-term environmentally sustainable development, SPLASH has carried out the following:


  • Establishment of pre-construction baseline monitoring values for various environmental parameters and the recommended mitigation measures in the EIA report before project commencement.
  • Construction Period

  • Site observation (site audit) and compliance audit
  • River water quality management
  • Construction and regular maintenance & upgrading of silt traps
  • Slope management
  • Waste (solid and construction) and wastewater management
  • Air quality management
    As open burning is strictly prohibited at site, SPLASH took the initiative to use the Air Curtain Incinerator (ACI), a clean controlled-burning process permitted and approved by DOE. SSP3 is the first project site in Malaysia to adopt this system.
  • Schedule waste and hazardous material management
  • Noise and vibration quality management
  • Transportation and machinery management
  • Occupational safety and health management
  • Environmental Safety Procedure

    All SPLASH personnel, whose work may create a significant impact upon the environment, wre given appropriate education and training in order to ensure that they conform with the environmental policy, procedures and requirements of the environmental management system, including emergency preparedness and response requirements.

    A Safety, Health and Environment Committee is responsible for ensuring that safety at the work site is effectively implemented. Proper safety procedures and guidelines were established to ensure the working environment is safe and statutory requirement are complied with.


    Protection of Raw Water Source

    The Sungai Selangor Dam is part of the overall Sungai Selangor Water Supply Scheme that functions to regulate the flow in Sungai Selangor. This is to enable sufficient amounts of raw water to be reliably abstracted at the Rasa and Bukit Badong raw water intakes.

    In addition, 197 square kilometres of the catchment area upstream of the dam has been gazetted as a forest and water catchment reserve, assuring protection from any development.

    This protects the water source from any development that may have adverse effects on the quality of raw water. This in turn ensures raw water at the abstraction points continue to be of a quality viable for treatment.


    Ecological Biodiversity

    SPLASH puts great emphasis in conserving the ecological biodiversity at the project site and its surroundings as biodiversity is a critical factor in maintaining the stability of natural systems. The EIA study carried out has found that no endangered or endemic species of terrestrial flora and fauna is threatened with extinction due to this project. This is due to the fact that the regulating dam site and impoundment areas are mainly logged-over forests and do not encroach into any ecologically sensitive areas. SPLASH nevertheless, maintains liaison with Selangor Wildlife Department to ensure the existing ecological biodiversity is further maintained.

    Integrated River Basin Management

    To ensure future sustainability of Sungai Selangor as a reliable source of water, protection of water source alone is not sufficient. An effective planning and control of the whole river basin is essential. Integrated River Basin Management is an important strategy and viral ingredient in achieving successful water resource management in the country. As a stakeholder, SPLASH contributes to the conservation of Sungai Selangor and its associated biodiversity by complementing and supporting the role of Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (LUAS) and "Jabatan Kawalselia Air Selangor" in managing the Sungai Selangor river basin.

    In line with this, SPLASH has installed on-line raw water monitoring stations complete with early warning systems at strategically selected locations along Sungai Selangor, between the SSP3 Dam and the intake points at Bukit Badong. This system enables continuous monitoring of river water quality and provides an early warning to water operators of potential raw water quality violations. At the same time, SPLASH is able to map out the pollution trend of river and advise LUAS and other related agencies of the status of Sungai Selangor accordingly.

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