Benefits and Social Responsibilities

Ensuring the economic feature of Selangor & the Federal Territory

The role of SSP3 is vital to ensure the continue d viability of these two most popular and economically dynamic regions of the country.

The Benefits of the SSP3 Project

  • An adequate supply of clean water vital for continued progress, providing a reliable supply for increasing domestic and industrial consumption in line with the Selangor State Government's aim of becoming a developed state by 2005.
  • Creating numerous job opportunities for the local communities of Kuala Kubu Bharu and Kuala Selangor during construction as well as in the future operation of the dam and treatment plants after completion.
  • Promoting eco-tourism with recreational facilities and activities. The lake are of the dam will be developed with picnic areas, jogging trails and jungle trekking. In addition, the new road constructed skirts along the edge of the dam, providing road users a panoramic view of the lake enroute to Frasers Hill.
  • Revenues over a 30-year period is ensured for the Selangor State Government.
  • Preservation of Fireflies

    It is acknowledged that the rapid development within and around Kampung Kuantan in Kuala Selangor, including activities such as aquaculture schemes, reclamation of land for industries and housing estates have, over the years contributed to the decline of the mangrove forests which is turn has had an adverse effect on the fireflies.

    The State Government commissioned the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) to conduct a detailed and comprehensive study on the fireflies in Kampung Kuantan. The MNS study revealed that:

  • Fast flowing, large volumes of water released from the dam can disperse pollutants to prevent them from having prolonged adverse effects on the riverine vegetation. The riverine vegetation is crucial for the breeding and survival of the fireflies.
  • The SSP3 has induced the government to draw up a long term conservation programme to protect the fireflies from extinction.
  • Strict regulatory measures in terms of land use to control and curtail development activities which are detrimental to the ecosystem are necessary for the surrounding areas where the fireflies are found.
  • New Settlements for the Orang Asli

    The resettlement of the Orang Asli villages of Kampung Gerachi and Kampung Teretak were implemented smoothly. 84 families have been comfortably relocated to a site close to their former homes with all the facilities and amenities enjoyed by the urban communities and are yet close to nature.

    Orang Asli Community Development Programme

    Aimed at uplifting their standard of living, the Orang Asli community programmes provide opportunities for the Orang Asli to live in harmony with the nation's other main stream communities.


    A scholarship programme has been implemented in consultation with the Orang Asli Welfare Department (JHEOA). SPLASH provided scholarships to 5 students pursuing 3-year diploma courses at institutions of higher learning in Malaysia over the last two years. This is an on-going commitment from SPLASH to the Orang Asli where new students will be selected for scholarships annually.
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