SPLASHs core business is the production of treated water, which is sold in bulk to the water supply distributor (SYABAS) to cater to consumers in Selangor and the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya.

SPLASH operates and maintains 3 major water treatment plants

  • SSP3 Water Treatment Plant, Rasa (250 MLD capacity)
  • SSP3 Water Treatment Plant, Bukit Badong (800 MLD capacity)
  • SSP1 Water Treatment Plant, Bukit Badong (950 MLD capacity)

SPLASH also manages and operates Sungai Selangor Dam and Sungai Tinggi Dam, the latter since 31 December 2005.

  • Sungai Selangor Dam (235 million m3  total storage)
  • Sungai Tinggi Dam (122.5 million m3  total storage)